“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Kitchen Renovation


In this kitchen project the resident wanted a contemporary and minimalist kitchen. To create a space that was functional, had extra storage, but also a kitchen that could be a place to entertain guests and to share moments and laughs

The ‘Sonoma Apartment Kitchen’ was design to have a contemporary and streamline aesthetic. With a timeless colour palette. Allowing better use of the space through functionality, extra storage and a great space to entertain. Key highlights of the project the stunning waterfall feature in the island, custom joinery and statement materials. 

SketchUp, Photoshop, Project Management 

Nebbia Resort

Peter Kypreos and Marcelo Garrao of Buffalo Dining club, Rockaway Farm and Captains of Trade.

To redevelop “Huonbrook Valley”, an AOC Certified Organic Farm with limited accomodation and dining, into a one of a kind eco-friendly resort. The property is situated in the Byron Bay Hinterland, nestled in a rainforest valley, surrounded by a ring of panoramic mountain ranges, river creeks, fresh spring waters and mature gardens. My vision was to build a one of a kind eco-friendly resort that would redefine sustainability in hospitality through the choice of materials. The space is created to serve both form and function through a sensory experience driven by art. The essential requirement of an ‘escape retreat’ drove the design of the villas with privacy in mind.

The concept was inspired by the morning mist “nebbia”. It sweeps through the rainforest gardens creating a sense of mystery as it ascends to the higher ground where sunlight brings clarity to our sight. 

Sketchup, AutoCad, Photoshop

Dimmi Flora Alfresco Courtyard

Dimmi Flora Restaurant Floorplan

dimmi flora restaurant dinning area

Dimmi Flora Restaurant


Sneakerboy Sydney CBD

To design a new store inside the Westfield’s CBD that would respect the company’s philosophy but provide a new concept that is cutting edge concept. The design will create a unique experience that appeals to both sneaker-heads and new consumers. 

A new futuristic modern space that features “Either Or” mural art by Katy Ann Gilmore. The optical illusion created throughout the space plays with depth and perspective. I wanted to design a high impact store using a minimalist approach. Ive turned the brand’s iconic tunnel entry upside down to use it to display the range of high end sneakers. The aim is for the design to draw peoples attention as they walk through the shop front and to create a sense of intrigue around the sneaker boy brand.

Sketchup, Photoshop, AutoCad

Duke Station Restaurant


Sydney Collective

Fraser Short would like to transform the Duke of Enmore into a funky foodie venue, and at the same time making it the hub of Enmore. A new venue that will be family friendly with great food and design features providing a unique experience.
Inspired by Sydney’s Central Station as the transport hub of Sydney, I wanted to design The Duke Station as a place that can reflect art, music and energy, to bring the community together. The aim of this project is to create a destination to showcase Enmore.
Sketchup, Photoshop, AutoCad

Murrumbidgee High School

Murrumbidgee Regional High School Art Library.

Conversion of an existing basketball court building into a two storey “art library” with multi-purpose learning spaces including:

  • A flexible space that can be used as a mentoring hub
  • An art hub
  • A small performance space
  • A formal presentation space
  • An exhibition space

The space should reflect the school’s goals to establish innovative and futures focused approaches to student wellbeing, contemporary curriculum and student learning.

Inspired by the school’s logo which resembles origami. The aim is to provide students the resources to develop and craft their own creativity and “Origami”.

Revit, Photoshop

Documentation Set

Zlatarna Celje & Samantha Wills

Zlatarna Celje is a Slovenian and goldsmith located in Celje. As part of their strategy to expand their brand internationally, they have decided to open three new stores in Sydney. 

The new stores must align with the brand’ s existing ones; the design has been based on the concept from banks safety deposit boxes. The boxes are to be used in a modular style throughout the store to create a sense of continuity and repetition. 

Revit, Photoshop

The Documentation Set for this project included

•Proposed Floor Plan

•Partition Plan

•Layout & Set Out Plan

•Reflective Ceiling Plan 

•Power & Data Plan

•Floor Finishes Plan

•Elevation & Rendered Elevations

•Rendered Shopfront

•Detailed Drawings of the P.O.S

•Detailed Joinery Drawings

•Digital Sample Board & FFFE

•Services Checklist

Shopfront Render

Interior Sketching Design

Zlatarna Celje Interior Render

UMPG Office


Universal Music Publishing Group

To develop a full design solution for a corporate office interior. This project focused on time management, collaboration and project team communication. My role for this project was to deliver our 3D Visuals/Renders to show our vision for this office space.
Trill: a music term for “a rapid alternation between two notes”. We designed our floor plan as a reflection of the high and lows between musical notes with the use of dynamic materials and colours.
Sketchup, Photoshop, AutoCad